Steve's version of his visit

Steve described his visit to our house to Terry Glidden thusly:

Saturday evening we sat on Gay and Troy’s already completed patio and ate delicious pre-caught salmon and other delightful food. We chatted and drank refreshing libations while the evening sun glistened on Puget Sound and a gentle breeze rustled the mighty trees and other lush vegetation surrounding their lovely non-pre-fabricated home. The next morning Gay stepped to the edge of their rolling lawn and chose prime quality wild blackberries which Troy then cooked inside an abundant stack of fluffy tasty pancakes. After breakfast, we played a laugh-filled game of Trivial Pursuit, which was won by Gay in a manner that exemplified good sportsmanship. Throughout the visit, the four friendly dogs frisked about the fresh-aired open spaces with glee, returning periodically to the humans present to re-declare their love and appreciation for us. Afterward, Dale, Rose, and I said goodbye to Gay and Troy and their two lovely dogs and returned to the mainland, refreshed and delighted by our happy sojourn on the Isle of Vashon.

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