Month: August 2002

Lessig vs. Cooper

Lawrence Lessig has a response to Charles Cooper’s stupid article (it’s like watching Michael Jordan play basketball or Armstrong ride away from the peloton on the mountains). He makes a very good case about expiring copyrights on software. Think of the 10-year expiration in terms of Windows… today, Windows 3.1 would expire and it would be released to the public domain. That wouldn’t hurt Microsoft at all, could really benefit the people who still use Win3.1 today (I’m sure there are some) and would force Microsoft to constantly improve their product. Where’s the downside?

MS is doomed

Finally, people are figuring out what i said in ’99 when I quit : hardware prices go down so software prices can’t continue to increase, and Microsoft’s marketshare is nearly 100%, so Microsoft’s only future revenue graph is downward. If revenue goes down, stock price goes down, employees leave for more growth companies, Microsoft evaporates.