Month: July 2002

MSN and AOL are losers

On the face of it, the statistics seem dire for America Online. It has only 500,000 customers buying the high-speed version of its service. MSN and Earthlink have about 600,000 broadband subscribers, analysts say, more than AOL in absolute numbers and far more as a percentage of their total customers… Earthlink’s average revenue per user is $20.75, $2.57 more than AOL’s, even though Earthlink’s posted price is $21.95, $2 less than AOL’s. (MSN, which had revenue of about $1.5 billion for the fiscal year ended in June, has an average revenue per subscriber of only about $11, not enough to make the service profitable.)

Movable Type

Switched from Radio to Movable Type for our weblog. MT is much better: runs on the server, stores data in MySQL, supports multiple users and multiple weblogs, is open-source (written in perl), is free (but $150 for commercial use) and is more flexible template-wise. Plus, it was written by a husband-and-wife team. 🙂

You can see our MovableType installation here.