Basecamp drawer sliders

Thanks to Tom P. on the Airstream forums for posting his idea to install drawer sliders on the Basecamp silverware tray.

Normally, the tray sits on the shelf in a recessed area that is 1/2-inch deep and sized to the tray’s dimensions which keeps it from moving while being towed. It works well to keep it in place while traveling but it makes it inconvenient to pull the tray out to get silverware when not traveling. Drawer sliders are a brilliant solution! I finally got around to doing the same today on our Basecamp and assumed it’d be straightforward and easy.

I bought the 22-inch version of these Amazon Basics drawer slides ($17). Mounting the slides on the bottom of the tray, rather than the sides, makes it work since the silverware tray is not a drawer and there are no vertical walls to mount the sliders to.

There are two complications to install them. The first is that the tray has a 3/16-inch thick bottom and, if you aren’t thoughtful about where you install the rails on the bottom, the screws that come with the rails are long enough that they will go through the bottom of the tray. That would look bad and be in the way of the silverware (and probably cut you when you grab silverware). Fortunately, there are vertical dividers in the tray that, if you line the rails directly underneath them, you can use the included screws and screw them through the bottom and into the vertical dividers. I was quite lucky that it just worked out.

The second complication is that the tray normally sits in a recessed cut-out on the shelf to keep it in place. The sliders make this recess unnecessary. However, the mounting holes in the slides do not extend past the recessed area so there’s no way to mount the slides above the recessed area.

I removed the lower support piece that is mounted to the underside of the shelf, made 6 half-inch tall blocks out of scrap wood, positioned them where the mounting holes are, glued them to the support piece, lined up the holes and pre-drilled holes in them. Then, I could reinstall the support piece and, with a short screwdriver, reach in and put the screws in to mount the sliders to the blocks. If that’s not clear, note the wood blocks below the sliders in this photo:

2nd Anniversary Party

We celebrated Optimism’s 2nd anniversary today. After avoiding being sick for weeks while almost every employee and family member got sick at some point, I finally succumbed. I felt super weak and tired this morning. Little did I know that I’d feel much worse in the coming days.

Gay went to the brewery early to help get ready. I managed to get myself to the brewery and have some beers with Gay and Jon, Megan, Matt and Kevin, made a listless speech before tapping the cask of our anniversary beer and tried hard to socialize with other friends throughout the day.

It was very busy all day, with a line down the street before we opened to non-stop beer-pouring. It was our biggest day in beer sales ever: over 2,800 beers poured!

I hope I feel better and can enjoy our 3rd anniversary. Fortunately, we have a great staff that were well-prepared and had everything under control all day.

Christmas 2017

The kids tried to wake us up at 5:30am but couldn’t. They tried a couple more times and by 6:30am they succeeded. We went downstairs to see what Santa brought.

Later in the day, the Steelers clinched a first round bye in the playoffs with a dominant game against the Texans.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Hudson’s friend Bowie got tickets to Star Wars on opening night for himself and friends. A few days before the movie, someone dropped out so I could go with!

The showing was for 9:30pm (which was way past Hudson’s bedtime) so he got to stay up very late. Hudson and I Uber’d to Blue C Sushi downtown for dinner with Bowie and his family before the movie at Regal Meridian across the street.