2nd Anniversary Party

We celebrated Optimism’s 2nd anniversary today. After avoiding being sick for weeks while almost every employee and family member got sick at some point, I finally succumbed. I felt super weak and tired this morning. Little did I know that I’d feel much worse in the coming days.

Gay went to the brewery early to help get ready. I managed to get myself to the brewery and have some beers with Gay and Jon, Megan, Matt and Kevin, made a listless speech before tapping the cask of our anniversary beer and tried hard to socialize with other friends throughout the day.

It was very busy all day, with a line down the street before we opened to non-stop beer-pouring. It was our biggest day in beer sales ever: over 2,800 beers poured!

I hope I feel better and can enjoy our 3rd anniversary. Fortunately, we have a great staff that were well-prepared and had everything under control all day.

Christmas 2017

The kids tried to wake us up at 5:30am but couldn’t. They tried a couple more times and by 6:30am they succeeded. We went downstairs to see what Santa brought.

Later in the day, the Steelers clinched a first round bye in the playoffs with a dominant game against the Texans.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Hudson’s friend Bowie got tickets to Star Wars on opening night for himself and friends. A few days before the movie, someone dropped out so I could go with!

The showing was for 9:30pm (which was way past Hudson’s bedtime) so he got to stay up very late. Hudson and I Uber’d to Blue C Sushi downtown for dinner with Bowie and his family before the movie at Regal Meridian across the street.

Sleep Well Beast

Gay and I had dinner at Mamnoon and then walked to The Paramount to see The National’s show on their Sleep Well Beast tour. This is the third time we’ve seen The National, I think Belle & Sebastian and maybe Modest Mouse are the only bands I’ve seen live that many times.

The finale:

One year of Peloton

One year ago today I got my Peloton bike. 231 rides in the year, or 4 days/week on average. My personal record for 45-minute rides is 1,009 kilojoules, but I mostly get around 920. It’ll be interesting to see if I can do better this next year.

I thought I’d ride mostly scenic rides, which I do like, but I prefer the spin classes despite being told what to do all the time. 😏

It’s been a lot of fun, plus I rode with George Hincapie and Christian Vandevelde as instructors several times.