Contact Lenses

I finally got around to going back to the optometrist to get a new prescription for glasses and also got a prescription for contact lenses.

The first time I went to get a trial set of contact lenses, they made me sit down and put them in, take them out and put them in again before they let me leave with them. I had the hardest time doing that, I was not comfortable sticking my finger in my eye and because I can’t see close up without glasses, it was that much more difficult. The person was so annoyed that I couldn’t do it she wanted to give up on me and suggested that I leave and come back another day, presumably when she wasn’t there. I kept at it and was able to be “approved”.

Then it took me 4 weeks of trying different magnifications and weekly checkups with the optometrist to find the right ones: Dailies Total 1. I’m now much better at putting them in and taking them out. After getting the Dailies Total 1 lenses, I got another prescription — contacts require a prescription per brand — and tried AcuVue Oasys lenses and see if I like them better. They are softer and a bit more comfortable but they, in the presbyopia version (which I think means you can only see Presbyterians), are 2-week lenses and I prefer one-day lenses.

The optometrist is SODO Vision Care who works out of our Costco. I paid $110 and visited 5 times, got 3 prescriptions (1 for glasses and 2 for contacts) and a bunch of free contact samples. Pretty good.

Contacts are much harder than glasses to get started, but for the first time in years, I can see my phone and use the computer without glasses. It feels life-changing. My vision is still not perfect with the contacts so I still use glasses for extended reading, but it’s so nice not to always be looking for or cleaning my glasses! And I can even wear sunglasses and read too!

Date night: Serafina

When we bought our Mini they gave us a $170 coupon for dinner at a restaurant after I answered a survey about the “Mini Experience”. We chose Serafina, a place we hadn’t been to in many years but went to several times when we were first dating and before we moved to Vashon Island. I think we even took my parents there when they visited sometime around 2000.

May 1 is our semi-official anniversary of our first date so we took a rare date night, albeit a day late, and finally used this coupon. 20 years together!

It was a very nice dinner on a nice Seatttle evening. Here’s our Octopus appetizer:

After dinner we stopped at Optimism for my favorite beer:

Braces off!

After a couple disappointments, first and second, Hudson got his braces off today.

Now he only has to wear a retainer for 18 months. To celebrate, he wanted gum balls so I took him (and Eva) to Rocket Fizz for some gum balls – he’s never had gum balls, he says, which might be true come to think of it.

Silicone Wedding Rings

Gay lost her wedding ring on our trip to Oregon for about 12 hours. She realized she wasn’t wearing it in the evening, couldn’t find it anywhere and was very upset. At 5am she woke up, drove to the pool thinking it came off in the pool. It did, she saw it at the bottom of the pool and she got it back with the help of the pool cleaner person who happened to be there that morning. Lucky!

After that, I decided to buy inexpensive silicone wedding rings that we could wear when we’re being active. I got Enso rings but didn’t like them because they are very narrow in width, thin and did not look at all like our real rings. So I decided I’d have to make my own that looked exactly like our titanium rings. Our rings are simple with a flat outside and a curved “comfort fit” inside and have a thickness to them that I like. Simple but unusual.

I discovered that it’s pretty easy to make anything out of silicone: make a mold, inject liquid silicone in it and wait for it to cure. There’s a few details but nothing difficult.

I could have used liquid silicone to make a mold from our existing rings and, in turn, used that mold to inject silicone into it and have exact replicas of our rings. However, that requires making vents in the original mold so air can escape the mold as it’s being injected which seemed difficult to build into the mold. And I’d have to repeat that every time I make a mold, making it more difficult to keep making rings. I’m going to lose them in pools, apparently, so I need a lot of them.

I have a 3D printer so instead of making molds I could design the mold that includes the vent holes exactly how I wanted them (on the inside of the ring). I could print them again and again with little work and they turn out the same every time.

So I designed a mold in Fusion 360 and printed it on my 3D printer. I use Smooth-On’s Dragon Skin silicone and colored it with pigments to make various colors.

These cost pennies per ring and only about 20 minutes of my time and it’s pretty fun. I then made a second mold so I can make two at a time, doubling my ring production capacity!

Using this Fusion 360 file anyone can change the sizing, make the mold and start making silicone wedding rings that look just like mine.

Ben Franklin’s Song

Havana is sooo into Hamilton and the soundtrack that I’ve heard a million times by now but it took The Decemberists to take Lin Manuel Miranda’s lyrics and make a song I like:

Ben Franklin’s Song

Yeah, you can all thank me
Took some lightning, a kite, and a fat brass key
And they’re putting up streetlights in Gay Paris
You’re welcome from our young nation

I’m the only American the French wanna see
They call me a genius, I can’t disagree
They have guns, they have funds
They can set us free
Invest in my reputation

So I play my ambassador part with pride
I am known in the world, and the world is wide
To my children, my sins may be magnified, but I’d do it all again, no hesitation

And do you know who the fuck I am?
Yeah, do you know who the fuck I am?
Do you know who the fuck I am?
I am Poor-Richard’s-Almanack-writing
Polymath, bifocal-wearing
Harp and glass-harmonica-playing
Benjamin Fuckin’ Franklin