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Happy Birthday, Havana!

Havana turned 7 today. After swimming lessons, we went to Havana’s favorite restaurant for birthday dinner: Pagliacci’s on Madison. She says it’s her favorite because “it has lots of windows” but I think it’s because of the cool make-your-own-flavored-Cokes machine.

Then we had cupcakes at home.


While leaving Pagliacci, we ran into Steve Wells, a guy we worked with at Microsoft who we haven’t seen in 15 years. Small city.

First day of school

Havana starts 1st grade in Mrs. Belknap’s class and Hudson starts Kindergarten in Preethi’s class today. Havana jumped right in, Hudson was very shy.


This is how it starts…

Havana: “I’m excited about 1st grade because there’s homework!”

Havana is The Big Cheese

It’s Havana’s week to be “The Big Cheese” at school. She shared information about herself, she made her big board of photos that tell her story and got to sit in the special chair all week. Families are invited during the week to meet the kids and for the kids to learn about us. We took Hudson and Eva with some cupcakes and after they “interviewed” us, Gay read the class a book.


Havana’s tooth

Havana lost her first tooth. It’s been loose for weeks and she’s been waiting and waiting for it to come out. Until last night, when it was just barely staying in. She became so worried that she’d do what a friend did and swallow it that she was in tears. But it held on until lunch today when she bit into an apple and out it came. She was very proud of herself.


Havana’s 1st day at preschool

Havana’s first day at Parkside was today. Gay and I went to parent orientation last Thursday evening to learn all the ins and outs of the school. She went to Parkside for a couple weeks of summer camp in August.


How I woke up today

“Daddy, I broke my Hello Kitty headband. Daddy, I broke my Hello Kitty headband. Daddy, I broke my Hello Kitty headband.”

Happy Birthday, Havana!

Havana’s 4 years old today. It’s hard for me to believe 4 years have passed already.


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