I’m a Steelers fan more than a Seahawks fan, but Hudson is a Seahawks fan. I’m excited that “his team” is in the Super Bowl, hopefully he’ll get to watch many more, like I have had with the Steelers (more Super Bowl wins than anyone…. Go Steelers!). I’m also hopeful that the Seahawks win this one so the fans can stop blaming the refs of the 2005 Super Bowl when the Seahawks lost to the Steelers. It’s also nice to be in a city again that is so excited about their football team. It should be a fun 2 weeks around here.

Who had big days yesterday? These two, that’s who!:


Is the 2015-2016 Super Bowl really going to be called “Super Bowl L”? I hope they call it either “Super Bowl 50” or break the rules of Roman numerals and call it “Super Bowl XXXXX”.