We went to the house this morning to check on progress. The cabinetry, tile and wood trim is still being installed and we saw paint samples that Nancy and My had the painters do. Some more were being done when we arrived. It sounds like they’ve finalized most of the colors. photo.JPG

We also checked on the exterior fog coat sample, this time didn’t include a bonding agent, as we discussed last week with Ryan, Mark and Katie. We’re trying to avoid using a bonding agent. We tried to wash it off with a garden hose and it did appear to come off a little, which implies it won’t adhere to the aggregate in the stucco. Nancy is going to try to find a color that will match or complement the grey/white color of the aggregate so when it does wash off the aggregate, it will look natural.

We hadn’t had lunch and were too hungry to wait for dinner so we went to the new Serious Pie for an appetizer and a beer – Schooner Exact’s pale ale, which we’ve never had – while we waited for takeout pizzas. I love the new Serious Pie; it still has communal tables but it’s much bigger and in a better location, also closer to our house. It also appears more kid-friendly so I’m looking forward to taking the kids there often. Havana and Hudson even liked the egg pizza (my favorite!), which I didn’t expect.

On the way to the ferry, we stopped at The Beer Junction to re-stock the fridge with beers (and I picked up an Ommegang glass), and then back home.