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Things I broke in 48 hours

iPad Air, elliptical machine, 10ml pipette, pH meter probe, bike tire inner tube. Gay broke the coffee thermos. Not a good couple days for fragile things around here.

I broke my elliptical machine

I’ve noticed a clicking in the elliptical machine for the last couple weeks so I decided to open it up and see what the problem is. I found a broken piece of steel in the left crank arm. That must mean my legs are stronger than steel!

I zip-tied the broken piece to keep it from moving so I can keep using it. This machine has been a big part of my life for almost 8 years but it’s time to retire it and get a new one.


Update: the very next run broke it for good. The bolt on the other side of the arm snapped while I was running — surprised I didn’t get hurt.

Hudson’s 6th birthday party

We celebrated Hudson’s birthday today with a football party.







School 2014-2015

First day of school, Hudson is in 1st grade and Havana is in 2nd grade. Eva starts 3-day-a-week preschool next Wednesday.



NFL Play60 Fun Run

Hudson ran the NFL Play60 Fun Run this morning at Century Link field to kick off the NFL season.


Happy Birthday, Hudson

Hudson turned 6 today. He opened his presents, we had Pagliacci pizza for dinner (his favorite) and then we walked — well, the kids rode scooters and Havana rode her bike — to Hello Robin for ice cream. Gay even brought a candle for his ice cream cone.


6 years ago today: his birth post.

Mother-in-law is visiting


Telling me what I already know

Gizmodo proves that Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood is the best neighborhood in the country to live in. Can’t argue with math!

Eric & Sandi in town

Eric & Sandi came to Seattle and cooked a delicious Indian halibut dinner for us, Steve, Renuka and all the kids.





Gay surprised me with a very nice new bicycle for our 10th Wedding Anniversary. Havana and Hudson just haven’t been interested in bicycling but my getting a new bike seemed to have sparked a new interest so I’ve spent the last couple days riding bikes with them.

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