Monthly Archives: November 2013

Holiday Party 2013

It took us 2.5 years to have a party in the new house. The kids had a baby-sitter and we thought they’d play upstairs but they stayed at the party until they went to bed at 10pm, meeting guests and Havana spent some time opening the door and greeting people with “welcome to the party”. The last people left at 1:30am.

Megan and Jon came back the next morning to nurse their hangovers, eat the leftover food and watch football.


Happy Thanksgiving

We celebrated our 3rd Thanksgiving in our house. Eva made Thanksgiving napkin holders and butter at her preschool and she set the table all by herself. It was a quiet dinner and the first time we got the kids to name things they’re thankful for.

44th Birthday

I turned 44 today. I got some brewing books and cash from relatives. From the kids and Gay, I got several pairs of socks, Seahawks jerseys to match Hudson’s jersey and ┬ánew iPad Air (so I can finally read on a Retina Display). Gay made a steak dinner with a mushroom sauce and mashed potatoes.



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