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The tax on people who are bad at math

Americans spent $1.5 billion on lottery tickets just for this one. 25% of that, $375 million, pays for government services. 44 states participate, so on average, my state received $8.5 million. With a population of 6.8 million, I receive $1.25 in government services for free. Even better, Americans spend $56 billion on lottery tickets every year, or 37 times as much, so I receive an estimated $46.25 in government services every year without spending a penny. That’s $231.25 for my family each year. Thank you lottery players, keep it up!

The price of gas doesn’t matter

Adam Davidson:

In other words, Americans may protest loudly, but their economic behavior indicates a remarkable indifference to the price of oil. In Europe, where taxes keep gas prices well above $5 a gallon, citizens are more likely to take public transportation and live near the center of town. The streets are filled with mopeds and tiny cars. The United States, on the other hand, barely exerts the minimum effort expected of a gas-phobic society: its enthusiasm for car pooling, enhanced public transportation and fuel-efficient vehicles remains relatively low. The average American even spends more gas money on social and recreational trips (about $13 a week, on average) than on their commutes to and from work (around $8). If gas prices truly damage the quality of our lives, we have done a remarkable job of hiding it.

Happy Birthday, Gay!

You and I look good together
This day is getting a lot better
Let’s get inside, out of this weather
There is no one that loves you better
Than me, my dear

Think, Baby, Think!

Breaking news, Republicans don’t understand economics or even simple math:

The calculations “help make the point that U.S. production and demand have little to do with the price of gasoline in the U.S., and lend support to the notion that there is not a great deal we in the U.S., acting alone, can do to affect the price of gasoline,” Peterson wrote in an email. He pointed out that Energy Department figures show that gas prices in the U.S. seem to rise and fall similarly to gas prices in Europe, showing that it has little to do with American drilling.
And that’s the key. It’s a world market, economists say.
Unlike natural gas or electricity, the United States alone does not have the power to change the supply-and-demand equation in the world oil market, said Christopher Knittel, a professor of energy economics at MIT. American oil production is about 11 percent of the world’s output, so even if the U.S. were to increase its oil production by 50 percent – that is more than drilling in the Arctic, increased public-lands and offshore drilling, and the Canadian pipeline would provide – it would at most cut gas prices by 10 percent.

Open-Minded Man Grimly Realizes How Much Life He’s Wasted Listening To Bullshit

From The Onion:

According to Richman, it was just now hitting him how many hours of his life he’s pissed away listening intently to nonsense about celebrity couples, how good or bad certain pens are, and why a particular sports team might have a chance this year. The husband and father of two said that every time he’s felt at all put out or bored by a bullshit conversation—especially a speculative one about how bad allergy season was going to be—he should have just turned around, walked away, and gone rafting or rappelling or done any of the millions of other things he’s always wanted to do but never thought he had time for.

I can relate.

Go Seahawks!

The Seahawks signed Matt Flynn. This is the smartest thing the Seahawks have done since firing Holmgren.

Beer is black

My kids mistook my coffee for beer this morning. They know beers are brown and black, not urine-yellow – I’m a good influence despite their thinking I might be drinking beer for breakfast…

Now to show them that beer should not be cold.

Super Tuesday

Election day is coming near
You get to pick the one you fear
Mondale, Hart or Jessie J.
They won’t stick to what they say
Sorry Ron it’s time to go
Back to acting with Bonzo

Who you pick, it makes no matter
We eat their shit and they get fatter
He gets to live in the White House
With his dog, his cat and spouse

He’ll take chauffered limos
Go cruising through the ghettos
He’ll state his mind with double think
Because his ideas really stink

Election day is coming near
You get to pick the one you fear
Mondale, Hart or Jessie J.
They won’t stick to what they say
Sorry Ron it’s time to go
Back to acting with Bonzo!

15 years in Seattle

Today is the 15th anniversary of moving to Seattle. Loving it more than ever.


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