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Attic brackets, tile and cabinetry

We went to Seattle today for some errands and for me to go install the gas springs on the garage trapdoor. Mark from Twisted Metalworks happened to be there installing the brackets in the attic for the moving wall that they’re going to build.

Attic wall bracket

They had made the brackets that were installed in the ceiling months ago. Now he had the rods that screw into those brackets and hold the lower brackets fastened to the cross-ties. These brackets will hold the track for the wall. Olson Kundig designed them and, on paper, weren’t that interesting to us, but now that we saw them we really like them. The brass washer is a nice touch, although we’re not sure it was intentional.

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Havana’s New Preschool

Havana got into the preschool we wanted her to go to. We were on the waiting list, but everyone had already paid for next year so we weren’t hopeful that she’d get in. But we found out today that someone changed their mind so Havana is in!


Two problems solved

We found out today that two big problems we’d been worrying about for weeks were solved.

Master bath tile mock-up

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Trying out colors and furniture and a preschool

We took Havana and Eva on the 9:40a ferry while Hudson was at school. We were taking Havana to a preschool we’re trying to get her into in the Fall. We stopped at the house to test some paint colors and wallpaper options we like. Then we went to U Village to look at a few pieces of furniture we liked. We had lunch at the Ram Brewery and then went to the preschool.

Havana at a preschool

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36 Hours In Seattle

The New York Times’ 36 Hours In Seattle is centered mostly on Capitol Hill and the up and coming South Lake Union area, which is right next to Capitol Hill. It includes Volunteer Park Cafe, which is just a couple blocks from our house in “one of Seattle’s oldest and prettiest neighborhoods.”

This reminds me, we just found out from one of the children of the previous owner of our house that Greg Nickels, the previous Mayor of Seattle, grew up right next door to our house.

Furniture & Fabrics, Round 2

Gay met with the interior designers for round 2 of their plans. After the first round, we felt we were pretty far away from something we liked. But this one is much closer. We still need to find out how much some of the things cost before committing to them and we need to convince ourselves that some of the furniture is worth the price, but for the most part, we like the paint colors, fabrics and most of the furniture.


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Gay’s Birthday Out

Kelly could work late to watch the kids so we could go out to dinner for Gay’s birthday. We left at 1pm, went to the house to check on progress and then to Roche-Bobois downtown to look at a sectional that the designers suggested. We checked out a couple other furniture stores near there and then made our way to Tavern Law for a drink before dinner.

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Happy Birthday, Gay

Gay turned 41 today. It’s the first time since 2008 that we celebrated her birthday at home. I made dinner tonight and we’re going out to dinner tomorrow night.

She’s more wise, more fun and more beautiful than the day I met her. I met her just before she turned 27. She was successful and a powerful personality at Microsoft then, a difficult thing in a male-dominant environment like Microsoft at the time, and I loved her confidence and ability to make things happen. 14 years later, she’s my wife, business/career partner and the mother to my 3 kids. It’s been a great time for me (less so for her, I’m sure) and I hope it lasts another 80 years.


Eva is 3 months old

Eva is 3 months old today. She’s still a good baby, eating regularly, sleeping well and surviving her brother and sister. She now hates wet diapers and complains until they’re changed. She is starting baby talk, saying “Ga”, and smiles at faces.


Eva at 2 months and at 1 month.


From the annals of bad customer service: Pioneer Millworks

We’re putting reclaimed wood on a wall of cabinetry and on our office doors. Schuchart/Dow used Pioneer Millworks to order the wood a few weeks ago. Last week, we decided to not use it on the office doors because it’s too difficult to assemble doors out of it and mount it to track system — the labor to assemble and install the doors would triple the cost. So Schuchart/Dow called Pioneer Millworks to cancel 30% of the order (the amount for the doors) and they told them that they would charge us a 20% restocking fee for the cancellation. 20% is high, but the wood hasn’t even left their warehouse yet, so there’s no reason to charge a restocking fee at all! They don’t have to deal with handling a return, verifying that they received what they’re supposed to, deal with damage, etc. It felt like a threat to keep us from canceling an order they’ve booked more than a legitimate fee.

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