Seeing women use usernames of “so-and-so’s_mommy” online has always driven me crazy. Didn’t those women have a name and their own identities before kids? Why do they need to advertise that their ovaries work? Of course, I also don’t see a reason to adopt your husband’s name just because you got married either, but just taking a last name seems more feminist than losing your identity completely to your kid. BTW, what do these women do when the second kid is born? Katie Rophe skewers these same women, who put pictures of their kids instead of their own in their facebook profile.

"Facebook, of course, traffics in exhibitionism: it is a way of presenting your life, at least those sides of it you cherry pick for the outside world, for show. One's children are of course an important achievement, and arguably one's most important achievement, but that doesn't mean that they are who you are. "

By the way, I believe that when you send the Christmas photo card, you should be in it too. I am/was friends with you, not your kids.