After a week I’ve realized that San Francisco is not a beer town, despite being the birthplace for American craft brewing. Grocery stores have a very limited beer selection, far more limited than even Vashon’s Thriftway, and restaurants have only a handful of beers on tap, most of which are mainstream beers. And if you do want beer you’d better not have kids because the beer bars don’t allow kids.

We drove around San Francisco for a while and then, on the recommendation from the hotel concierge, went to “Izzy’s Steak House”:


Fortunately, of the five beers on tap, Izzy’s had Denogginizer, a double IPA from “Drake’s Brewing”:, a small brewer from California that I’ve never even heard of. I ordered that and it was very good.

We went back to the hotel and stopped at the Ghirardelli ice cream shop in Ghirardelli Square for some ice cream for Havana, which made her very excited. She had two small spoons of it and didn’t want any more. Go figure.