Today Havana reached for my hand and said “Come”, which is a new thing she does when she wants you to go somewhere with her. She walked me into the downstairs bathroom and pointed to the toilet and said “Up”, which is what she does when she wants to be picked up. I asked her if she wants to sit on the toilet and she said “Okay”, what she says when she means “Yes”. I thought that was odd until she said “Potty” and it dawned on me that she wanted to use the toilet. I asked her if she had to go potty and she said “Okay”.

I didn’t know what to do at this point. We didn’t think she was close to going to the bathroom on her own and I figured that if she was going to, mommy was the best person to help her. But Gay was in the shower so it was me or nothing. I asked her again if she had to go potty hoping that she’d say “No” this time, but she said “Okay” again. Uh oh. I waited some more hoping I was misunderstanding her, but she was intent on sitting on the toilet.

So I told her that she needs to take off her pants, so she immediately sat down as she does when we tell her she needs to put her shoes on. She started to pull at her pants but I had to help her. She immediately stood up and went to the toilet again. I told her she had to take off her diaper first and then had to help her with that. We don’t yet have a potty-training seat to use, so I put her on the toilet and held her there so she wouldn’t fall in. She sat there for a while without doing anything and then tried to get off the seat. False alarm.

We’re still not sure that she was really trying to go the bathroom but she was definitely interested in the toilet.