The Steelers won and the extra touchdown that was nullified wouldn’t have made a difference. But the refs in the game were worst I’ve seen in many years.

They correctly called the touchdown and had the players line up for the extra-point attempt before the refs in the booth stopped it to review the play to see if Polamalu scored. The result of the review was that there was nothing to review, but then the refs on the field huddled and decided, without a review, to declare the game over and the touchdown nullified.

This play was obviously a legal play and a touchdown, a novice football watcher could have seen this was clearly a touchdown. Watch the play:

Where was the “illegal forward pass”?!? Both were clearly backwards passes. And minutes after the game, the head ref, Scott Green “admitted he screwed up”:

bq. “We should have let the play go through in the end, yes,” Green said.

What changed in the few minutes between his two decisions? Did he look at a review of the play? Did his memory of the play change?

They also called a pass-interference on the Steelers that was clearly not pass-interference – the offensive player ran into the Steelers player and the Steelers player was flagged. And they called a holding penalty on another Steelers touchdown where the Steelers blocker fell down and brushed the side of another player – the Steelers had to kick a field goal.

I generally don’t like to blame the refs since there are always bad or questionable calls in every game – life’s not perfectly fair. But these refs sucked. I hope the Scott Green and his team of refs never ref another NFL game.