After we went to renew my driver’s license and get a flu shot, Havana and Hudson had doctor’s appointments today; Havana had her 18-month checkup and Hudson had his 2-month checkup. They also each got a couple shots.

We walked down a fall-colored California Ave to Circa for lunch, which usually has some nice beers on tap. I had Boundary Bay’s Harvest Ale, their Oktoberfest beer, which I liked a lot and was a nice Fall beer, and Gay had a “Grimbergen”: “Abbey Ale”, which I assume is really their Dubbel. It was good, but had a weird grape flavor to it.

Grimbergen Abbey Ale

I had a burger, Gay had a chicken sandwich and Havana had chicken tenders and fries:

[flickr video=2989882860 secret=30bb8659b2 w=400 h=300]