Her latest speech addition:

bq. “Just make sure people understand that we know what Joe the Plumber was talking about when he was confronting Barack Obama and saying, ‘Wait a minute, aren’t you going to take my money, take my earnings and give it to somebody else who maybe hadn’t worked as hard as I have worked?’”

So people who make less money than me don’t work as hard as me. Got it. Now I can tell the Republicans I know who make less money than me that they don’t work as hard as me. Slackers.

And she has taken to labeling some people “Pro-America” and “Anti-America”:

bq. Palin also made a point of mentioning that she loved to visit the “pro-America” areas of the country, of which North Carolina is one. No word on which states she views as unpatriotic.

Since she’s never spoken in Seattle, I can proudly say that I don’t live in Palin’s version of “America”.

One of my favorite political signs I’ve seen lately: “Hey Sarah, I can see the end of your career from my house!”