After mowing the lawn and washing the car, I sat down for a “Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA”: I’ve had the 60 Minute and the 90 Minute, but have never found the 120 Minute until Saturday at the Thriftway in West Seattle on the way to Megan and Jon’s wedding shower. So I bought a bottle. Just one bottle because it costs $8.99 per bottle! This and Dogfish Head’s Raison D’Extra, which I didn’t realize is so pricey, are the most expensive beers I’ve ever had. It’s also the strongest beer I’ve ever had… it’s 20% alcohol! Wine is only 14-15%.

Dogfish Head 120 Minute IPA

In spite of all the hops in it and the extreme dry-hopping, there was very little hop aroma. Maybe my nose was less sensitive after the the aromas of gas and cut grass from mowing the lawn, but I just couldn’t detect much at all in the beer. The flavor is a very citrus-y flavor and a bitterness (120 IBUs!) that makes the back of your tongue curl. Yum! Interestingly about the alcohol level, after drinking it I was glad that I didn’t have a Raison D’Extra because the last time I had one I could really feel the alcohol. But this beer has more alcohol, but felt like much less.

The label reads:

“What you have here is the holy grail for hopheads. This beer is continually hopped over a 120-minute boil and then dry-hopped every day for a month. Enjoy now or age for a decade or so.”