Whistler Village

We left Vancouver Sunday and drove a couple hours north to Whistler. It’s a beautiful drive through the mountains and along the water. The highway was littered with spans of construction making the highway wider for the 2010 winter Olympics.

The house we’re in is in the mountains surrounded by tall evergreen trees. It’s much nicer to wake up to a view of mountains and trees and the sound of light rain than the street noise in Vancouver. Havana slept a lot better too.

We drove up the road a mile or so to Whistler Village for lunch at the Whistler Brewhouse, another MJG restaurant and only slightly better than the Yaletown Brewery in Vancouver. Havana and the waitress sure got along well, though. We wanted to take the gondola up the mountain but it was so cloudy and rainy that the view would have been limited. We ended up just walking through the village.