Hmmm…. by my calculations, Gay scores 5 merits and 7 demerits for a total of -2 on the “Wife’s Marital Rating Scale”: used by a respected marriage counselor in 1939.

Not only does she fail to sew on buttons or darn socks regularly, I have no evidence she has ever darned a single sock. Demerit! I’m sure that if she actually wore hose, the seams would be often crooked, but since she doesn’t wear them, she skated by on that one. And she has worn red nail polish before, but since it’s not a regular thing and because I’m a merciful husband, I didn’t mark her down for that. The marriage counselor didn’t even expect a score of less than 0, he’d be amazed at what I have to put up with.

It’s interesting that “Can carry on an interesting conversation” and “Good sense of humor” are only worth 1 merit point. A wife with those qualities whose only flaw is being late for appointments would score a -3. I’m surprised “Doesn’t complain when husband disciplines her” isn’t on the list of merits.

It’s a man’s world, eh? I’d love to see the Husband’s Chart.

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