It’s Gay’s second Mother’s Day. Havana and I let her sleep in a little this morning while we made breakfast. I’m taking care of Havana all day today, which I will be doing every 365¼ days – that kind of tireless dedication is what it takes to be a good husband and father.

Havana in her crib right now for her morning nap:

(It’s blurry because she’s learned to fiddle with the focus)

Havana talked to her grandparents (my parents) on Skype, which means she stares at the screen and walks around and they talk to her. Havana will always grow up with the video phones that were promised to my generation, and she won’t think anything of it. Tekmology! I’m making Gay dinner tonight… I’m making her “Pastitsio”:, which is the most complex thing I can make: