We’ve watched a lot of movies lately, but unless they’re “so bad they annoy me”:http://troyandgay.com/blog/2008/03/29/i-wish-there-was-no-country-for-bad-movie-makers/, I haven’t reviewed them. Catching up a little…

There Will Be Blood: Very good movie and story. Daniel Day-Lewis is a great actor and very deserving of his Oscar win. Except for a couple splashes of oil on the camera lens, it was very well-made too.

Juno: it started really annoyingly with the dialogue clearly intending to create as many catch-phrases as possible, but thankfully that stopped and the movie improved. It wasn’t funny, although it tried to be, but it wasn’t your typical afternoon special movie either. Ellen Page was acceptable, but didn’t deserve the Oscar nomination.

Death at a Funeral: I like British humor, but not the unfunny kind. This should have been a 10-minute short.

In The Valley of Elah: Probably would have been better if not a true story, it just wasn’t interesting enough. But good acting.

Bee Movie: Pixar clearly did not make this movie. Dumb story – bees sue humans for selling honey and not paying the bees – and just filled with stupid bee puns.

Dan In Real Life: Entertaining, but the family was so “perfect” it was implausible – what family puts on a talent show complete with costumes to entertain themselves? Only one that has Dane Cook in it, I’m sure.

Things We Lost In The Fire: The screenplay should have been lost in a fire.

I Am Legend: I like Will Smith and this was as entertaining as anything he’s done. Mostly just a zombie movie, though.

Michael Clayton: This movie should have won the Academy Award for Best Picture and Tom Wilkinson was far better as a crazy guy than Javier Bardem in that lousy movie that actually did win Best Picture. The story was interesting and the pacing and timeline always kept me interested.