Monthly Archives: December 2007

Year in Review

I’ve written “most of this already”:, but in the interest of having a New Year’s Day post…

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Photos and Video

There’s a few more photos of Havana on Flickr¬†and on YouTube there’s a video of her new laugh and her trying to crawl. They’re private on those sites so you have to be logged in and a friend/family.

Bourbon Blind Taste Test

Maker’s Mark has long been our choice of bourbon, but it was time to see if that was still true. We did a blind taste test of four top-shelf bourbons: Booker’s, Maker’s Mark, Basil Hayden’s and Knob Creek.

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Generator is ready to go!

A year since the big outage last year, the generator is finally installed and connected. Today Suburban Propane finished the hook-up to the 250 gallon tank we had installed last week. The electrician did the final electrical hook-up today. We tested the system by cutting power from the utility, 7 seconds later the generator started up and about 15 seconds after that the transfer switch switched the house’s power to the generator.

It’s even bearable volume-wise. Here’s how it sounds up-close and from about 40 feet away under heavy load (the furnace running in the house). At normal load, it’s even quieter.

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