I took a “vacation day” today, layed in the hammock all afternoon catching up on podcasts on my iPod. I’m one of those people who has a tough time relaxing, I find it difficult to do nothing productive. Even as a kid, I couldn’t just watch TV, I had to read a magazine or a book at the same time to salvage the wasted time. It’s sick, really. And it took me a good hour in the hammock to stop thinking “Ok, go get something done.” But I persevered, and it worked. I relaxed. (Best tagline ever: Hammocks.com’s “Accomplish Nothing…”)

The dogs stayed outside with me all day, Illy even fell asleep next to the hammock, in between sprints to the road to chase cars away. Ouzo occassionally dropped the tennis ball for me to throw with the ChuckIt but even he mostly layed in the shade, which, for those of you who know Ouzo, is out of character. It’s been hot here in Seattle the last few days with temperatures in the 90s. But it’s great in the shade with a nice breeze. I love Seattle weather! By 4pm I had my all-time favorite beer, a Fuller’s ESB that our friends that were over for dinner last night left in the fridge. Good friends leave good beer in your fridge.