I don’t get the Social Networking buzz.

My Space is “officially” more signficant than Yahoo. There is competition in the social network space for DOGS. Now add network for my hoopty, one for sports that no one watches, followed closely by a social network for social networkers and software so any once can roll your own social network site.

I don’t deny that My Space is a great way for the kids to find dates and efficiently keep the peer pressure machine churning away. And, sure, hockey/car/dog fans deserve a place to swap stories, but aren’t we really just taking about making acquaintances, something that happens all the time in the real world without millions in funding, patents, or advertising involved.

Of course, there will be some people who get totally into one or another of these sites and make a permanent home, but if you don’t stay active, the masses pass you by, and you simply can’t stay active in many. (If only I had a dollar for every abandoned tribe, friendster, my space, msn spaces, livejournal, blogger profile….) They are only so many minutes in the day, and only so many times you want to retype the same basic stuff. Young people have time to maintain different identities and levels of friendship, but for the rest of us, one identity is hard enough.

As for the brilliant software concept: I just don’t see it as anything special (certainly not worth funding or buying). This is still basically e-mail with photos, just not in the convenience of my central inbox or using my handy address book.

Mark Cuban captures it well in his post on how boring the internet really is:

_And come on now, blogging ? If GeoCities had created a script to add dated journal entries and gotten rid of those ugly floating ads that made everyone hate it, would this be posted on GeoBlogMaverick ? And my goodness, if GeoCities had the foresite to add the Myspace concept of friends instead of rings and host people’s media files, would we call it a revolutionary social network ? Or just a webpage and file hosting service ? Which is exactly what Myspace and other social networks are._