The day before the Tour de France starts, the top contenders were ejected from the race after “overwhelming evidence” showed that they were doping. Three of the top 5 from last year are included. The most shocking ejections are Jan Ullrich and Ivan Basso, one of which was practically guaranteed to win this year. Basso and Ullrich deny the charges, which is probably expected. And poor Vinokourov… he left T-Mobile last year because Jan was the captain and now his new team is all but gone from the race and he wasn’t even implicated. If only had had stayed on T-Mobile, he’d be the team leader on probably the winner. He can’t possibly win now. Update: He can’t win now because his whole team has been pulled. On the bright side, this is going to make it much easier on Americans Hincapie, Leipheimer and Landis to get on the podium, if not win it! It’s great that the UCI is hard-line about anti-doping. If only other sports were as strict.