IMG_1613This photo from our honeymoon last year was taken in Jimbaran Bay, where today’s Bali bombings took place. Two of the bombs went off down the beach from where we were sitting; if you could see behind Gay, you’d see the line of beach restaurants where the bombs exploded.

Interestingly, this photo was taken Sept 30, 2004, almost the day of the bombings to the day. Scary. Before the honeymoon, I was seriously concerned about terrorism after learning about the nutjob terrorists in Bali. I drove Gay nuts with it, but now she knows I was right. :) But this incident proves what I learned about the Bali Al-Qaeda group: they’re morons. They bomb things just to do it, with no regard to the political ramifications and without an apparent purpose. They’re the group of Al-Qaeda that wants so hard to belong and get attention, but can’t figure out how to do anything but kill other Muslims. And in the end, they only hurt their own country and their own people, but have absolutely no political gain.

It’s weird, we were here at the place of these Bali bombings and we landed in London the day of the London bombings this year. We need to figure out where to go on vacation that aren’t bombing targets. ;)