David Cohen of RoadCycling.com says that Armstrong won’t win the Tour this year because the other riders are younger and more motivated to win. I don’t buy it, they were younger last year and why weren’t they motivated to prevent him from winning his 5th or the record-breaking 6th?

Outdoor Life Network did their final “Road to the Tour” yesterday and Phil Liggett was sure favoring Armstrong and proclaiming that this year’s Discovery Team is the strongest team Lance has had in the Tour. He even said disagreed with Lance saying that Andreas Kloden, a strong contender, is “riding like a sack of potatoes”. :)

T-Mobile has the second strongest team, in my opinion, but whether they’re all motivated to help Jan Ullrich win is the question. Vinokourov could be better than Ullrich. And Ivan Basso is another threat.

Regardless, it should be a good Tour this year!