I finally got Tiger yesterday and got it installed on my PowerBook and my PowerMac. The PowerBook was easy, but it took me all day to get it installed on the PowerMac. The PowerMac’s hard drive had an error on it so it refused to install. Huh? An error? Apparently, this is not uncommon. So I had to back everything up and install it fresh. So today I’ve been reinstalling everything. Fortunately, .Mac makes it pretty easy and Tiger’s syncing of all your settings across computers allowed me to just transfer my PowerBook’s settings to the PowerMac.

Then last night, Kathy’s husband, Bill, was in Seattle on business so we walked on the ferry and met him at Endolyne Joe’s last night for dinner and drinks.

Here’s my mini Tiger review: Dashboard is great and very handy. Spotlight is like having Google on your computer, and it’s instantaneous. Lots of people hate Mail 2.0, but I love it, especially the slideshow feature for emailed photos. Safari 2.0 is very nice, but I’m still too used to Firefox, but I’m giving it a shot as my default browser again. Safari RSS is slick and I’m trying to use it instead of NetNewsWire as my newsreader, but not sure what’ll happen. And I’m playing with Automator to see if I can make doing Friday backups easier. OS X just gets better and better without being more and more clunky.