IMG_2389.jpgIMG_2390.jpgOn Wednesday, the carpet installer came and 5 hours later, at 8pm, we could move into the office. So we did. Today I took some photos to get the daylight view. That’s Puget Sound outside the windows and through the trees, facing southeast. Mt. Rainier can’t be seen in the photo, but it’s visible today.

It’s a lot bigger than the old office, which was half the size, and there’s tons more light – which was our main goal. The original windows were tiny and only came down half the wall, so when you were sitting down, you stared at the wall and the sky and treetops. It was almost like an underground basement with windows at the ceiling. Natural light is a precious commodity in Seattle, so we wanted to maximize the amount of light we get since we spend the majority of our time in this room.

The windows were slightly darker than we would have liked, but we can look out the window with the sun shining directly in without blinds, which is nice. And we love the colors and the carpet. It really makes the rest of the house look drab (it’s mostly shades of beige). And the extra space is great, I can get up from my chair now without bumping the sleeping dogs.

If you have QuickTime, you can see a QuickTime 360º photo of the room. It’s not perfect, but it’s time-consuming to make these so that’s all I’m going to do. :)