We spent most of the day in a photo shoot at our house for an article to be published later this month in a national magazine, assuming we make the cut and make the article. Photos were taken outside with the dogs, in the kitchen with a fish and at my desk with a computer. Illy, of course, never left our side but Ouzo freaked-out every time the lamps flashed and soon took off for good. Being photographed is not as easy as it looks… what do you do when you’re told “Talk about something” or “Look like you just heard good news” or “Interact with the dog”. Appearing natural feels unnatural.

We were interviewed a couple weeks ago and they liked what the writer wrote (so it can’t possibly be accurate). Unfortunately, the article is not about “Recipezaar”:http://www.recipezaar.com, per se, but I won’t betray their confidence and say what the article is about – and we’ve heard a few different variations of it so we’re not entirely sure anyway. :)