IMG_1956.jpgIMG_1937.jpgIMG_1964.jpgOur last day in Ubud. After a morning of lounging by the pool (again), we went to the Monkey Forest in Ubud. I was hesitant to go to see the monkeys because I thought it was soooo touristy and would be disappointing. But it was incredibly fun! I’ve seen monkeys on TV, of course, but nothing compares to seeing them in real life… it struck me how human they behave. It’s those opposable thumbs that make all the difference!

We bought bananas to feed them and boy do they go after them. The young ones are aggressive in the way they grab them from you (they have to be quick, or the big monkeys win) but the older monkeys are very polite – you can just hand it to them. Not thinking, I assumed I had to peel the bananas for them and the first monkey was not patient while I did that so Gay explained that they know how to peel the banana. And they do… they peel it just like a human, it’s just amazing to watch. We took almost 100 photos and a few mini-movies, we couldn’t get enough. We can’t post them all here yet, but when we get back we will.

Then we stopped in at the Four Seasons in Sayan for a drink just to see what it was like. From the rooftop (a lotus pond) we could see the villa we were staying in. And the bar itself was beautifully designed.


Then back to Nuri’s for dinner, a delicious steak, and we met even more expats, one from the US even. The Canadian guy living in Bali, when he heard we are from Seattle, gave us an earful about Microsoft and their “crappy products that never work”. I always find it interesting to experience the visceral negative reaction to Microsoft among non-tech people. He was embarrassed, but still adamant, when he found out we used to work at Microsoft, but was happy to hear we use Macs (he’s a film documentary-maker so he uses Macs to edit his video) . ;) An Australian, who seemed half-insane, was fun to listen to. And Brian was an hospitable host once again. :) If you go to Nuri’s, ask what isn’t on the menu because we found out after we had dinner that they also serve cheesesteaks!