Slept well last night, despite being in a new place. :) Charging the camera battery so we can take lots of photos when we go into Ubud proper today.

Last night, we had a great dinner at the villa prepared by the in-house cooks. But they made enough food for 4 or 6 people, so we barely made a dent in it. And the cook (16 or 17 years old?) was visibly worried. He came to our table and asked “Is there a problem with my food?” We tried to be effusive about how good it was, but we’re not sure we convinced him.

Our view over the coconut trees and river is amazing, but it’s been too cloudy to see the mountains (just like in Seattle). Not sure if it’s always this way near the mountains of Bali. I hope not, because the sunset would be great.

The coffee in Jimbaran Bay was delicious, but the coffee we’ve had since then has been less so; more like a strong Sanka. We’re going to see if we can find some good coffee in Ubud and buy some for the villa. We also noticed signs of a second Indonesian beer: Bali Hai. Found a good review, but the mention of Corona makes me pessimistic. Their web site even says they make a stout. Another thing to look for in Ubud. Update: we had Bali Hai “Draft Beer” (that’s what the label on the bottle said) at a restaurant. No good. We’re getting dangerously close to Budweiser with this one.

BTW, the dialup internet here is almost as slow as GPRS on cell phones! GPRS here is 30kbps compared to 9600bps in the US. And people wonder why GPRS is popular in other countries but not in the US.