Our first day without working on a Sunday in a long time, so I got “WordPress’“:http://wordpress.org “Writing via Email”:http://wiki.wordpress.org/How%20To%20Blog%20By%20Email feature to work. So now we can post to this weblog from our cell phones, handy for posting random photos. I’m using a “wp-mail.php hack that supports images”:http://blade.lansmash.com/index.php?cat=5, but had to edit it to strip out the images (advertisements) that our cell phone provider, T-Mobile, adds to all the email messages sent from our phones. You can have “my hacked hack”:http://troyandgay.com/mimedecode.gz if you have T-Mobile and want it to strip out the extraneous images (it doesn’t support text/html body parts either, only text/plain).