I bought the Apple wireless mouse & keyboard as soon as they came out months ago. I’ve tried and tried to like them, but they’re both worthless. They go through batteries like crazy, they seem to require the most expensive “camera” batteries, and they lose their connections constantly. And the mouse loses its connection when I bump it into the keyboard every time! The mouse is also insanely sensitive to dirt on your desk. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve clicked the wrong thing because the mouse jumps 2cm a split second before I press the button.

Yeah, I’ve talked to Apple (they have “zero reported problems” although their message boards are full of people with the same problems) and they blame the D-Link bluetooth adapter (the only one they recommend you use). Other people tell me that the USB port is the problem, although I’ve tried 6 USB ports on my computer.

They’re just junk, plain and simple.