A couple weeks ago, we got a call from a friend asking us to volunteer to help out for a big festival/auction at the end of summer that he was organizing. Wanting to do something for the community and to help out our friend who was very busy, we agree. A few days later, he quits! Apparently, he was not happy with the direction it was going. He was the leader! If something’s going in the wrong direction, who but the leader is to blame? Yet he blamed everyone else. And how’d he quit? Warn anyone? Nope. He sends a resignation letter out of the blue. Then just days after that, he sends another one. Seriously. Two resignation letters for the same job. “I quit!” and “I doubly quit!”.

So here we are, two people who spend easily 80+ hours a week each (not counting the time we spend midnight to 7am dreaming about work) working on our own business and we volunteer to add another responsibility to our lives to help out a friend in need. We’re also in the process of planning our wedding that we’re having just 2 weeks before this event.

Now, we (and the others involved) have even more work to do because he left the project in shambles and we have to pick up the pieces. Are you ever surprised when your elders behave like children? Age and maturity have nothing to do with each other. And selfish people suck.