We’ve been listening to and watching the 9/11 hearings going on in Washington this week. Maybe I’m getting old, but it’s very uncomfortable for me to listen to these people talk about killing people as if it’s nothing. Granted, they’re talking about killing people who want to kill people, but nevertheless…

I am simply bewildered that Condoleeza Rice is not testifying. Why?!

I think the Clinton Administration should have invaded Afghanistan in 1996 when Bin Laden declared war on the US.

I’m in Canada for a few days. Canadians like to point out that they are much more aware of world news than Americans. So I thought it was funny when we were in a pub yesterday and CNN was on one of the televisions talking about bombings in Baghdad. The other 5 televisions in the place were showing hockey games. The Canadian customers asked to change the CNN television that was showing “Breaking News” to another hockey game. :)