A Recipezaar member, Jellyqueen, was recently spotlighted in her local newspaper. The newspaper contacted us many weeks ago asking if we could contact her since they noticed she lives in Alabama. The article recently was published and has a nice mention of Recipezaar:

One site she uses is www.recipezaar.com. She noted that nutritional values are listed along with the recipes. Also through this quest for recipes, you can “talk” in chat rooms about recipes and other things. She said that one day she was talking to a lady and happened to mention that her daughter’s house had burned. The lady immediately sent Langham’s daughter a box of baby clothes. Langham is amazed at how many recipes are available on the internet. “Over 80,000 are on that site, with 100 new ones added each day from all over the world,” she said. She noted that recipes are in categories: they’re for diabetics, gourmet seekers and “just plain ole’ down-home dishes”.

There’s lots of Julia Childs and Martha Stewarts out there and it’s great when Recipezaar helps them to be seen!

See the PDF (1.5MB download)