Our Christmas this year was in the top five all time holidays – and that includes the one when I got my first bike. We had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner with friends on the island, John, Deborah and JT Bender, with their friends the Mitchells. Christmas dinner was here with friends Mark & Lee, Lee’s sister & brother-in-law Nathalie & Robert visiting from England, Steve & Renuka & son Owen, and the Agostinelli sisters Jen & Nicki. We drank lots of champagne and home made egg nog (Troy). We had a lovely roast beef dinner complete with traditional Yorkshire puddings and English Roasters and (Steve’s first time) horseradish sauce, mostly orchestrated by Lee; followed by Christmas Pudding and brandy sauce which came all the way from England; followed by a game of Pictionary; further followed by the largest piece of Stilton I have ever seen and port wine, another gift of Nathalie & Robert. It really was delightful in every corny sense of the word.