As you can imagine, Thanksgiving is one of the busiest times for Recipezaar. We had double our normal traffic and record days and the hardware and software all performed very well. We even kept our chat room open with volunteers to help with last minute cooking questions. Other missed events:

Our own Thanksgiving celebration was fun with Troy’s mom & dad, his brother, Todd & sister-in-law Rozanne, and niece Kristin, and nephew, Alex. We served

“Good Eats” Roast Turkey Onion Mushroom Stuffing Home For Thanksgiving Fried Cornbread Dressing Sweet & Spicy Sweet Potatoes Cranberry Orange & Ginger Chutney Turkey Gravy Mashed Potatoes Green Beans (I need to post my recipe…) and Troy’s mom’s Leftse

Troy made 4 pies! Pumpkin Ginger Praline Pie Classic Pie Crust Bourbon Pumpkin Pie Buttermilk Pecan Pie

When we weren’t working, we had a great time playing board games, watching football and movies and generally hanging out. Thanksgiving remains my favorite holiday and I was pleased the main event turned out (even though we were down to 1 working oven).

Sunday I ran the Seattle Half Marathon with my friends Megan & Tiffany. Megan and I ran slower than normal but we finished feeling great! Hoping to do a full next year….

That afternoon, we cut our Christmas tree at our neighbor’s and carried it home. Eighteen feet of pine and 1,200 lights have now taken over our living room, leaving pity little room for people, and a small structural danger – please no earthquakes til after New Years.

My mom came for a visit on Tuesday and I did my first official wedding planning: the moms and I went wedding dress shopping. It turned out to not be nearly as horrible as I expected.

Love family, but also love to have our inhabitant count back down to 2 people and 2 dogs.

Almost forgot to mention, the week before Thanksgiving we had Mr. & Mrs. Mean Chef over for dinner. We had a really fun time, Leg of Lamb, Traditional Mint Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, those same Thanksgiving Green Beans, an appetizer of goat cheese spread on crackers topped with 3 small slices of dates, which I invented myself in a quick after realizing I was out of eggs and couldn’t make Gourgere, and Mean brought dessert!