Bush will work to preserve the “sanctity of marriage”. I wonder if he’s also considering going to war with people who get married and divorced over the course of a weekend for fun. Or the people who marry for ulterior motives (money, fame, immigration, etc). Or the people who serially cheat on their spouse. Aren’t these things destroying the “sanctity” of marriage far more than two people who are in love and are monogamous who just happen to be born with the same chromosome pairings?

I think the fundamental fallacy that people like Bush have is that being attracted to the same sex is a choice. My love for beer, bicycling, computers and the female form are built-in, they weren’t decisions I made – the only decision I made was that I’m public about these likes. I’m fortunate that society doesn’t have hatred for me because I naturally like these things (well, society used to label me a “nerd” for liking computers, but that day is long gone). And I choose to accept, even though I disagree with, people who don’t like beer, bicycling, computers or the female form. And I’ll never be President.