74,000 recipes!. Funny…. AllRecipes finally announced how many recipes they have. For over 4 years they said “Over 20,000 recipes” and I always thought at any time they’d say “Over 30,000 recipes”. But time came and went. Today, they finally announced a whopping 22,000 recipes. In the last year, we added 40,000 recipes. It took them 4 years to add 2,000. Sure, they’d probably argue quality over quantity (as if they’re the arbiters of quality)… yeah… and the internet would be better if there were a small number of “quality” web sites as opposed to the diverse huge set of web sites.

And I’ll refrain from talking about their confusing redesign and just note that there are fewer molecules in the universe than there are words on their home page (although the print is about as tiny as a molecule). And I think they could have probably squeezed one more ad in there somewhere. ;-)

But at least their employees have stopped calling us looking for a job. So they must be doing something right these days.