I just upgraded to a new version of a great little app that sits in my menu bar and tells me the current weather and the forecast called Meteorologist. While checking out the new features, I find this in the About screen:

This is the final release of Meteorologist from Humongous Elephants and Tigers. I worked on Meteo for quite some time while I attending the University of Illinois, but I am sad to announce that no future development will be done on my part (although many could have guessed that this was coming).

To those who hate my guts - you probably have good reason, and I hope your hatred is doused a little with pity. I have been woefully behind on emails and updates. I have plenty of excuses, but that doesn’t really matter.

Meteorologist is now officially out of my hands. I will be hunting around to find someone to take up the torch, and to try to take up the good fight.

Best of luck to everyone, Matthew Fahrenbacher

The author gets hate e-mail from people about it so he’s quitting development of it. It’s completely free software! The author does nothing but a positive thing and he gets hate mail about it! Never underestimate how mean people can be to other people.