I lost a lot of respect for 60 Minutes last night when I watched their advertisement for the movie industry. I’m glad Dan Gillmor also found it to be pandering. I’m sick of the RIAA claiming the music industry is dead and we’re only going to hear more about how the movie industry is dying because of internet piracy. Bear in mind that the top actors/actresses in Hollywood are paid $20-30 million for a month’s work and Hollywood execs are paid 7- or 8-figure salaries. No, they are pretending that the blue collar workers (those who make the sets for movies) are the ones being hurt. Yeah, I’m sure Jack Valenti is concerned about them. In my opinion, just like with music, if you’re making movies for the money, I don’t want your product. Make something with integrity, and that’s very inexpensive to do. Accept that some amount of piracy will always exist and you’ll still make a profit. Wal-Mart survives in spite of lots of shoplifting. Hollywood can too.

The 60 Minutes piece ended with a suggestion that we all go to MovieLink where we can purchase movies online. Great, they’ve learned something from the RIAA’s mistakes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for Mac users.