Another online order that gets shipped FedEx to me was scheduled to be delivered today. After their last screwups, I was prepared for yet another. And they screwed up again. This time, they are “Unable to locate address” although they deliver things here all the time.

**Oct 31, 2003** 3:33 pm **Unable to locate address** SEATTLE, WA
** ** 4:33 am On FedEx vehicle for delivery SEATTLE, WA
** ** 3:15 am Arrived at FedEx sort facility SEATTLE, WA

I called. They told me that they aren’t “really sure why” the delivery was not made and that the package will be re-delivered not Monday, but Tuesday. They quickly realized the stupidity of that extra day (without even requiring me to point that out) and then promised twice that it would be delivered on Monday. We’ll see. And once again, they tried to use the “RPS excuse” on me. FedEx bought a company called RPS in 1998 to do ground delivery and “it is taking the company a while” to get the two companies integrated. It’s been five years. The federal government can completely change administrations twice in that time period, but FedEx can’t get cell phones to their drivers. They have no way to contact their drivers or for their drivers to contact them to get directions to destinations. What a fly-by-night operation.

Worst delivery service EVER. Incidentally, UPS delivered a package on Wednesday, no problems whatsoever, as usual. Go UPS!

This time I’m demanding to get my shipping charges refunded. Of course, they’re not sure that can be done. We’ll see.

On the bright side, I’m the 9th search result in a Google search for “FedEx Sucks”.