We went in on Friday but the rack case was not prepped for us, so we couldn’t move in. So we met friends for dinner and then went home. Saturday evening we went in for what should have been an hour, but didn’t get home til 2am. At least we gained an hour due to Daylight Savings Time.

And one of the servers needs fixing…. the CPU fan stops when it gets hot so the CPU overheats and the machine shuts down. So we pulled it out and took it with us. But we replaced it with a nice machine from Silicon Mechanics. I can’t say enough nice things about this company. Great hardware, great prices and friendly and helpful people. (Disclaimer: they gave us t-shirts, so I may be a little biased).

![newrack.jpg](http://www.troyandgay.com/archives/newrack.jpg) The new home of [Recipezaar](http://recipezaar.com). This is much better, more light and easier access to the machines.
![backview.jpg](http://www.troyandgay.com/archives/backview.jpg) The back view (including our dinner).
![boredgay.jpg](http://www.troyandgay.com/archives/boredgay.jpg) Gay gets cold & bored when I'm fiddling with the machines.