I was expecting a FedEx delivery today. At 3pm our dogs barked [Note: the dogs were inside the house, not outside] which usually means someone drove up to the house. I looked out the window to see the FedEx truck driving away so I went to the door to pick up my package. Nothing. There was a sticker on the door, no more than 2 feet from the doorbell, that said no one was at home to deliver the package so they left and will retry tomorrow. He didn’t ring the doorbell or knock. He just left.

He did the same thing last week. Fortunately, we are having our house painted and the painter happened to catch him as he was leaving and he explained that we were at home. We’re always at home.

So I called FedEx to complain and told them that we’ve never had a problem with FedEx deliveries in the past and that our signature was on file so they could leave packages when we weren’t home so he should have just left it. I was told that FedEx just bought a company called “RPS” (by “just” she meant 5 years ago) and that part of the contract with RPS was that RPS would not abide by FedEx’s policies (such as leaving packages), their computers would not be connected to FedEx’s computers, they had no way of contacting the local delivery people or the driver. Strange, I don’t remember getting the fax or email that announced FedEx had bought a delivery company and that everything would be different. I guess I need to keep more up-to-date with the corporate doings of FedEx in order to be a good customer of theirs. Idiots. I commented that the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing and she replied “Yes, exactly”.

I finally got through to a dispatcher who promised to call me back when he knew more details. 90 minutes later, no call. I called again, explained the situation, sat on hold and then was told that the driver was too far away now and I’d have to wait til tomorrow. I have to wait because the moron doesn’t know how to ring a doorbell! And why won’t he do the same thing tomorrow? Or next week when I get another delivery? These are the questions I asked and it was suggested that I make a sign and put it on the front door for FedEx that says that we’re home and that he should ring the doorbell. That assumes that the delivery guy can read, of course. Funny that I don’t have to do that for either UPS or Airborne.


By the way, FedEx Home Delivery’s web tracking also sucks. They never update it, so you see the 1st item and then when it’s delivered (or not), you see all the days between today and the day it shipped. And worse, they don’t give you a URL, it’s a form POST so to track your shipment you have to repeatedly enter the 92-digit tracking number into their form. Idiots2.