Since moving to the west coast, I’ve completely dropped off the face of the football world. Maybe if the Seahawks weren’t so bad, I would’ve kept up-to-date on football. But what I really wanted was to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers games again. So this year, I subscribed to DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket so I can watch any football game I want on Sunday, which means I get to see the same broadcast that people in Pittsburgh get and can follow the Steelers this year. And they won by squashing the Ravens, 34-15 (and it wasn’t even that close). One great thing about football on the west coast is that the games start at 10am and 1pm, not 1pm and 4pm. This means that even the late game is over at 4pm and you still have hours left before the evening hours. On the downside, it’s not as much fun to eat nachos at 10am.