bergypkg.JPG The other day, a package arrived in the mail for our dogs, Illy & Ouzo, from a famous Recipezaar member, Bergy. Actually, the package was from her doggies cats.

Inside was a cute card written by Bergy’s dogs cats (actually, I suspect Bergy wrote it) and gourmet dog cookies and Illy & Ouzo both loved them! Normally when given treats they eat them right there and then look at you waiting for another. Only the good treats make them grab them and run away. And that’s what they did with these. Illy ran outside and Ouzo ran the other direction to living room so they could eat them in peace.


Thanks Bergy! And the dogs thank you too! :-)


We’ve received several gifts from members of Recipezaar and we’re terrible at returning the favor. We need to be better site owners.