Gay pointed out this lyric that she liked a lot. I like it a lot too, after Gay pointed it out. And did I mention that Gay pointed it out?

The sprinklers that come on at 3am Sound like crowds of people asking “Are you happy what you’re doing?”

Grandaddy “The Group Who Couldn’t Say”

I am happy what I’m doing. I was recently talking to my dad who expressed regret that he and my mom weren’t supportive of us kids and what we wanted to do. I’m sure all parents wish they could’ve met the impossible goal of being the “perfect parents”, but I don’t see why my parents could have any regret. At 12 years old, thanks to my parents, I knew I wanted to spend my days as a programmer and I get to do it every single day, and even some nights, of my life. And sometimes I do hear the sprinklers come on at 3am, but they don’t sound like crowds of people asking me if I’m happy what I’m doing.